#33 Soto

Last night was not another sleepless night because of the error of Telegram. I was like living in a cave. You right, there is still WhatsApp. But, it means we have to make another group that consists of same person in another chat apps. Baaaaa!Telegram error

Not really in a mood to watch any movie or read any book, I chose drawing. I made some sketches and this is the less creepy drawing I made. hihi.

This is soto, one of my favourite food. It usually consists of beehun, chicken chop, slice of lime, egg, and celery chop. Sometimes I eat soto with rice but sometimes not. What I like from soto is its freshness especially when you eat it in a mid day when sun precisely above your head. Nyamm.soto. close enough isnt it :))

Anyway, my favourite soto so far is Soto Dalbe which located in Yogyakarta. Two bowls of soto without rice or a bowl of soto with rice and a sate ampela plus mendoan as a compliment would be enough for me (ya iyalah!).

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