#3 The Traveling Words

TheTravelingWords is a global movement to promote peace and initiate connections by leaving hand-written notes on a piece of paper in various places, to be found by random strangers.
Every month, the team will throw a certain theme and a certain venue for you to leave your hand-written notes. The notes you’ve left behind will then be displayed on the website to be found.

This is a project initiated by mbak Hanny and mbak Ollie. The idea came up from the question that “What will happen when you leave hand-written notes: a poem, a prose, a flash fiction–anything that is close to your heart, to be found by random strangers?”

Interesting, isn’t it?

I love to read sentimental things and hand-written notes are one of them.

this November theme is Distance. You can leave any hand-written notes about ‘distance’ in the coffee shop you visit.

And here’s mine 🙂


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