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#36 Burdened


What will you do when you have so many things whirl in your head and your bosom bursts with mixed feelings, you want to excrete dan put them out one by one, but the people that can understand and help you are also in their own problems?

Run away or ignore those burdens are strictly prohibited.

#23 Should I?

Should I care what other people think about me? Banyak yang bilang tidak. Alasannya, buat apa peduli dengan apa yang mereka pikirkan tentang kita? Toh, tiap orang memiliki persepsi dan nilai diri yang berbeda-beda. Masak iya musti nurutin semua itu. Sementara itu, beberapa orang yang lain berkata ya kita sebaiknya memang peduli karena kadang apa yang mereka pikirkan baik bagi kita. Bisa jadi masukan positif. Continue reading

#7 Let’s Talk

People these days, focusing more on others’ failures, mistakes, and bad habits.

Don’t they know that it will only end up with hurting each other?

I miss those empathy, happiness, and togetherness that I always imagine and taught when I was child.

anyway, what are you doing right now, wen? talking about people’s bad habit who love talking about others’ bad habit?